New Era of Scammers in Digital India

A week back I got an advertisement on youtube ads for purchasing 10kgs of Mangoes for Rs. 499/- It was too good of an offer and I was craving some fresh mangoes so went ahead and clicked on the link shown on youtube ads which led to fruit deals. in. At first, I was a little confused about how come a site like this is also selling clothes and toys. But then I trusted google and youtube. I thought youtube will never allow any XYZ scammers ads on their site so I was pretty confident and added my order to the cart. During checkout again I felt sab "Golmaal hai Bhai sab Golmaal hai" as there was no COD payment option. But again my craving along with my trust in google lead me to do the payment. Anyway, it was just a small amount so I went ahead. I completed the payment but unfortunately, there was no confirmation mail from them on the order placement. That was my third hint. I waited for three days and no courier received. It was mentioned two days delivery. I thought maybe there is some delay. After a week still no delivery. I went back to the website to check the website is no longer operational. I feel such embarrassment being so much into tech I didn't even verify the authenticity of the site before doing a payment. The bottom line is don't trust anyone when it comes to your hard-earned money. Websites like this will keep popping up. And youtube and google are just advertisers they don't care who puts up the ads as long as they are generating revenue it's not an issue for them. The best way to be safe the online digital fraudulent websites is to be a little bit digital awareness.

Steps to follow:-

  1. Never do online payment to any new websites - Prefer COD whenever possible
  2. If COD is not available them definitely check the following
  3. Check the address in the Contact US page. Put it in google and check if it is valid.
  4. Check by calling the customer care number. 
  5. Check the domain registration with the help of websites like ( . See if the registrars contact number is visible and also check when the domain was purchased. Usually scammer website will be purchased within past 2 weeks. 
  6. Do a quick google search with the domain name with the fake? at the end to see if anyone else has reported the same. eg: fake?
These are some of the Tips that I researched to find out these scammer websites. Please comment If there are any other steps that we can follow or if you have come across any such websites.


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