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Learn Basics of Linux

1. What is Linux? Linux is a free Unix-type operating system for computer devices. The operating system is what makes the hardware work together with the software. The OS is the interface that allows you to do the things you want with your computer. Linux is freely available to everyone. OS X and Windows are other widely used OS. Linux gives you a graphical interface that makes it easy to use your computer, yet it still allows those with know-how to change settings by adjusting 0 to 1 . It is only the kernel that is named Linux, the rest of the OS are GNU tools. A package with the kernel and the needed tools make up a Linux distribution . Mandrake , SUSE Linux , Gentoo and Redhat are some of the many variants. GNU/Linux OS can be used on a large number of boxes, including i386+ , Alpha, PowerPC and Sparc. 2. Understanding files and folders Linux is made with one thought in mind: Everything is a file . A blank piece of paper is called a file i

Install NS2 ( Network Simulator ) on Ubuntu

Following are the simple steps to install  ns2  on Ubuntu 9+ through launchpad ppa. 1>  Firstly remove all ns-allinone-2.3x directory  (if you put it anywhere to install ns2)  and revert back all the path changes you made in ~/.bashrc related to ns2. 2>  Now export the Wouter HorrĂ©'s ppa repository key by typing the following command on terminal and enter: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys B3F3334F 3>  Now add the following ppa repository to source list . deb karmic main deb-src karmic main Reload repository information when prompted by  "The information about available software is out-of-date" notification   or  reload it manually by following command on terminal: sudo apt-get update 4>  Now type the following command on terminal to install ns from the launchpad ppa repository: sudo apt-get install ns nam xgraph T hat