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Secrets behind Top Company Names

This came from name of the river Adobe Creek that ran behind the house of founder John Warnock..

It was the favorite fruit of founder Steve Jobs. He was three months late in filing a name for the business, and he threatened to call his company Apple Computers if the other colleagues didn't suggest a better name by 5 O'clock that evening..

It is not an acronym as popularly believed. It is short for San Francisco..

This name was formed by using COMp, for computer, and PAQ to denote a small integral object..

The name was derived from the founder's name Dr. Michael Cowpland. It stands for COwpland REsearch Laboratory..

The name started as a joke boasting about the amount of information the search-engine would be able to search. It was originally named 'Googol', a word for the number represented by 1 followed by 100 zeros. After founders- Stanford graduate students Sergey Brin and Larry Page presented their project to an …