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Muslim Pray @ Airport, Let the Conversation Begin


A Heart Touching Video. (Always believe in God)


Super Mario enters the real world !! Its Cool


MySQL Cheat Sheet V1

M ySQL is a small, fast and highly configurable DBMS. It supports a number of different table fileformats, depending on the requirements of the user. mysqlaccess - Tool for creating MySQL users mysqladmin - Utility for administering MySQL mysqldump - Tool for dumping the contents of a MySQL database . Useful for backing up a database from within the console. mysql - Command line interface to MySQL mysqlshow - List all MySQL database

Why this Kolaveri di :: CS Version v1

======= CS Version of Kolaveri Di ! ======= Yo boys.. im singin song.. Noob song... Lame song ... . . Y dis noobgiri noobgiri noobgiri di..!! Y dis noobgiri noobgiri noobgiri di..!! Noob Sala... Y dis noobgiri noobgiri noobgiri di..!! Kya noob hai.. Y dis noobgiri ..................aa di..!! . .