Is GitHub Copilot the future of Coding?

First and foremost, what is Github Copilot : Its is a new service from GitHub and OpenAI, described as “Your AI pair programmer”. It is a plugin to Visual Studio Code which auto-generates code for you based on the contents of the current file, and your current cursor location.           Seems unbelievable and magical that the computers that are made up of programs can now start making code for us. This feature is already present in many other software’s like Gmail for text prediction but predicting what code you will be typing in the future is magical. For example, if we type $ in this php code then based on the context of the current program it would suggest some code: The grey body of the function has been entirely written by Copilot! You just have to hit Tab on your keyboard, and the suggestion gets accepted and inserted into your code. Where Copilot differs from other such tools is that it can generate entire multi-line functions and even documentation and tests, based on the full

NBA SAR Calculator

A consolidated list of all NBA SAR Criterias with Evaluation Guidelines and their points. Easily calculate the expected score. DOWNLOAD

Making of a Simple JavaScript Count Down Timer with the Figma

Complete design process of a JavaScript Counter from start to finish. Begin with Figma UI, followed by HTML/CSS design and then make it work using javascript. Github Repo : Demo :

Start to Finish Todo App Design in Figma / HTML/ CSS / JavaScript

  In this series we will be making a simple todo application from scratch. It is divided into following parts : Part 1 : UI Design in Figma Part 2 : Figma Design to HTML / CSS Part 3 : Make it work using Javascript Part 4 : Make the data persist in Local Storage Part 5 : Make custom modals for deleting todos Part 6 :  Modularize the Todo App Part 7 :  Persist the Todo App to Firebase Realtime Database

Start to Finish Analog Javascript Clock Design in Figma

  My take on designing a simple wall clock with the help of design tool figma and HTML/CSS/Javascript. This series of videos covers the following topics Part 1 : UI Design in Figma Part 2 : Figma Design to HTML/CSS Part 3 : Make it work using Javascript

Binod Blog - A Simple Vulnerable Web App for Pen Testing

 Checkout the repo for testing various types of web attacks like SQL Injection, CSRF & XSS, Bruteforce etc. Cheat Sheet : 

SQL Injection , CSRF & XSS Attack Explained

Resources: Binod's Blog : DVWA : Laragon : SQLMAP : OWASP ZAP :