Saturday, December 14, 2019

Notepad++ Compile and Execute Program (C,C++,JAVA,PYTHON)

1) Install the Nppexec Plugin in Notepad++
2) Press F6
3) Paste the below code in the box and click save
4) Now you can execute using F6 or Ctrl+F6

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Animated Git Flow

Click on the buttons below / next to each branch to simulate the action. And see the commits flowing.

Learn Git by Examples :

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Package Manager for Cygwin like apt-get (apt-cyg)

cd C:\cygwin64
setup-x86_64 -q -P wget
install apt-cyg /bin
apt-cyg install nano

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Laravel 5 Package for Indian Payment Gateways. Currently Supported Gateway: CCAvenue, PayUMoney, EBS, CitrusPay.

The Laravel 5 Package for Indian Payment Gateways. Currently supported gateway: CCAvenuePayUMoneyEBS,CitrusPayUse one unified api for all the supported frameworks. When you use Indipay for your payment gateway processing its extremely to switch between payment gateway providers without changing your source code.

SMS Package for Laravel 5. Clickatell, MVaayoo, Gupshup, SmsAchariya, SmsCountry, SmsLane and any custom gateway supported.

Simple SMS Gateway Package for sending short text messages from your Application. Facade for Laravel 5.Currently supported Gateways Clickatell, MVaayoo, Gupshup, SmsAchariya, SmsCountry, SmsLane / Any HTTP/s based Gateways are supported by Custom Gateway. Log gateway can be used for testing.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Laravel Form Facade CheatSheet

Form::open(array('url' => 'foo/bar', 'method' => 'PUT'));
Form::open(array('route' => ''));
Form::open(array('route' => array('', $parameter)));
Form::open(array('action' => 'FooController@method'));
Form::open(array('action' => array('FooController@method', $parameter)));
Form::open(array('url' => 'foo/bar', 'files' => true));
Form::model($foo, array('route' => array('', $foo->bar)));

Form Elements
Form::label('id', 'Description');
Form::label('id', 'Description', array('class' => 'foo'));
Form::text('name', $value);
Form::text('name', $value, array('class' => 'name'));
Form::textarea('name', $value);
Form::textarea('name', $value, array('class' => 'name'));
Form::hidden('foo', $value);
Form::password('password', array('placeholder' => 'Password'));
Form::email('name', $value, array());
Form::file('name', array('class' => 'name'));
Form::checkbox('name', 'value');
// Generating a checkbox that is checkedForm::checkbox('name', 'value', true, array('class' => 'name'));
Form::radio('name', 'value');
// Generating a radio input that is selectedForm::radio('name', 'value', true, array('class' => 'name'));
Form::select('name', array('key' => 'value'));
Form::select('name', array('key' => 'value'), 'key', array('class' => 'name'));
Form::selectRange('range', 1, 10);
Form::selectYear('year', 2011, 2015);
Form::submit('Submit!', array('class' => 'name'));
Form::button('name', array('class' => 'name'));
Form::macro('fooField', function()
 return '<input type="custom"/>';